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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcoming dates for Gavin's Groupies

I've had a few people contact me regarding dates of upcoming Gavin's Groupies events. So here is a quick run-down of what we have going on so far.

Irvine Lake Mud Run - April 10th - We are almost 175 people strong for this! We are also holding a pledge program, so if you cannot join us, but would like to help pledge, please contact me. All money pledged/donated will be going towards VisionWalk (Foundation Fighting Blindness). We are also having an incentive for everyone who raises over $300. Troy and I will be giving the person who raises the most money a $250 VISA gift card, as our thank you. ;)

A Night without Light - April 16-18 - Click to the left for more information. For every $20 donated to VisionWalk, you will receive a ticket to our dinner extravaganza. This dinner is our way to thank you for being a groupie!

VisionWalk 2010 - June 6 - Gavin's Groupies plans on having the largest team, and also wants to raise the most money! Click on the link on left for more information, as well as to be linked to our team page.

Wahoo's Dinner - TBA - We don't have a date yet, but sometime soon Wahoo's will be donating 20% of their total sales for a specific date/time to VisionWalk 2010. Thank you Wahoo's!

Scentsy Party - TBA - I will be holding a party at my house for Scentsy Candles. Kristie, the wonderful rep will not be making a profit, but will be donating all proceeds to Gavin's Groupies. :) Date to be determined.. will keep you posted. You can also purchase online if you cannot make the party.

... I think that is it so far. Lots going on. We are very excited!

PS - Become a fan of Gavin's Groupies on Facebook. I try my best to keep it pretty updated with our events, as well as links on latest updates on blindness, etc. Our button is on the left panel as well.

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