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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Be back soon

I just got back on track with trying to be diligent with my updates. Life works in such ironic ways. The reasons why I was able to have some time on my hands, do put some dedication on this blog - is the same reason why I will be now taking a break for a bit.

We will be back to keep you updated with all the events that will be coming up in the next couple months.

We are all, or will be ok. Just taking some time to love on my family, and be thankful to have such happy, healthy boys to enjoy. I need some time to regroup and refocus.

Big hugs.


  1. Oh Jennifer - I hope you are ok. Gosh, life has been difficult for your family. Stay strong.

  2. I was just looking forward to your new posts every day when I turn on my PC each morning. :] I wait anxiously until you are back *xo* HOpe all is OK.

    Melissa, Ryan (LCA)


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