Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gavin’s Groupies Gives Back

Mindi Mueller, a board member of the Gavin R Stevens Foundation, and also dear friend of the Stevens Family had a life changing experience a few weeks ago.  This really hit home for her, and we wanted to share.  It also inspired her to want to do something, and of course, we jumped on board.

In Nov. 2009, the Freidrich family suffered a parent's worst nightmare.  Their 4 yr old son, Jeremy, had a horrible accident right in their backyard.  Since the accident, over a year ago, he has not left the hospital, and his parents provide around the clock watch over their precious son.  They also have other children.  You can read about Jeremy’s story, and see some pictures here of his beautiful face here:

This really hit home for Mindi.  She was asked by the family to come to the hospital and provide a hair cut for Jeremy for his 5th birthday.  Mindi knew this would be difficult, but did not hesitate to help.  Jeremy’s family is inspired by the support that Gavin has received, and all the Gavin’s Groupies that rally in support of our cause. This is hard for me to digest, as you can probably understand.  I thank God, literally, for the health and safety of my children.  These parents are inspired by us, and Gavin is fine.  Their child is in the hospital with a brain injury.  I am completely humbled and touched.

Mindi took a Gavin’s Groupies shirt for Jeremy, a wristband, and some shirts/wristbands for the family.  Jeremy had the Gavin’s Groupies shirt draped on him, as Mindi cut his hair, and gave him a very handsome hair cut, just in time for his birthday!

Further exploring the hospital facility, Mindi learned of a “Christmas Wish List” that the children of the hospital want/need.  She approached me, and we were already thinking the same thought.  “Let’s get our friends and family to help support these children during the holidays.”  So we are!

I could not think of a greater project for our friends, family, Groupies, etc.  If you take a peek at the wish list, it is as basic as lotion and hair supplies.  Landon and I, since he was born, and not even aware of what was happening really, would buy gifts for the children at the local orphanage.  We save up his change all year long, Troy and I match it, and we go shopping.  It’s the best feeling, and something I feel the need to instill in my children – since we are so blessed.  This year we will focus our attention on the needs at Newport Specialty Hospital in Tustin, specifically the children.  This hospital provides care for severe injury and illness. 

We are asking for your help.  We will take care of the gift wrapping, and you can just drop the gift off to Mindi’s house, and we will make a trip to deliver the gifts to the hospital.  Feel free to join us for the drop off if you wish.  We would like all gifts by Sunday, December 19th.

It is quite humbling.  Especially when I see the list from my 6 yr old son, that includes the latest and greatest in games and toys.  These children just need the basics to make their life a little more… comfortable. I cannot stop thinking of Jeremy, his family, and the other children who lay in the hospital beds, day in and day out.  I have a hard time talking about it, without fighting tears.  I am touched by the family’s strength, my heart goes out to the other siblings, whose life is also changed.  I cannot fathom the thought of that being my child, and am terrified with the thought that… Jeremy could be anybody’s child.  It was a freak accident, and it can happen to one of my kids.

I hope you are inspired to help with one child, and just one gift.  The age range is from 6 months to 21 years.  I can email you the list.  The list in a PDF file will be up on our website on Thursday 12/2.

I would like to personally thank Mindi for having the heart that she does.  Helping other people, is the basis of who she is, and is why we love her so much.  Thank you Mindi, for letting us be a part of this.

Will you help us with our gifts for these children?  You will help to provide some comfort and love to these children, who do not have a choice, but to be in the hospital.

We hope to FILL the hospital with gifts!  With your help, we can.

"Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting."
Elizabeth Bibesco