Friday, March 19, 2010

Night without Light reservation being taken NOW!

Hi all. I've mentioned months back about our Night without Light dinner. Seemed like months ago, but now it's just a few weeks away! If you would like to read the post I originally wrote it is here. On our Hands Down Monkey website, I also wrote a page explaining what it is.

This is a FREE dinner in the dark to everyone who has given Gavin's Groupies a minimum $20 donation towards this years VisionWalk. Dinner includes salad, dinner, dessert and wine/drinks. We will also have a cocktail informative hour before dinner (if you wish to attend). This is put on by my family as our thank you for your support, and donation. We want to bring an unforgettable experience to you in the form of dinner, and experience your senses in a whole new setting.

You are still not too late to join us. Seats are filling up, the current weekend we are having dinner is April 16-18. We tentatively are looking at the following weekend as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, this is our family's THANK YOU for your support and donation. No one is providing funding for the dinner, and all money is going towards VisionWalk. So far, we have raised $760! We are SO excited for this!

Please don't miss out... contact me with any questions.

PS - I know I'm partial to this, but I have experienced a dinner in the dark before, and it brought a totally new, different world to me. I really want you all to be there!


  1. We have a group of us that want to do this, do I email you through the hands down monkey website?

  2. Yes, you can just contact me and we will work it out ( If there is enough of you, we can do one night for your group? We have one night already designated for one company, so we may have to do it the following weekend. Keep me posted with quanitity so we can make appropriate arrangements. ;)


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