Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get dirty with our pledge program!

Irvine Lake Mud Run is April 10-11

Our team, Gavin's Groupies has a team of over 175 people!

This started as a small team of 4, but has GROWN.

Our goal is to raise awareness of blindness, as well as to bring attention to VisionWalk on June 6.

We have a pledge program that we are opening to everyone, you do not have to be a part of our Mud Run team to be eligible.

The person who raises the most pledges for Gavin's Groupies team receives a
$250 VISA gift card from Troy and I.

Yes, $250.00!

All money must be turned in by April, 8th.

A great way to help us raise awareness, as well as get a nice gift card :)

Ask family, co-workers, friends if they would like to pledge for a cure for blindess.

Contace me if interested and I will mail you a pledge form ASAP.

It's easy, and you are helping us in our fight... plus who couldn't use $250 bucks?

*All money raised from this pledge program is money essentially raised for Gavin' Groupies VisionWalk team. You can view our team here.


  1. Are you guys all running on Sat or Sun? I so want to do this.

  2. Our big team is for Saturday, the 10th. They ended up reaching capacity for that day, so now we are also running on Sunday, the 11th with our second team. Registration on that day is still open! If you're interested, let me know :) Should be fun - I personally am not running, but my whole family is. I will be "manning" our booth (nice excuse, right?) haha.

  3. So any one can do this pledge? I dont mind asking people at work -

    I am in Kentucky do you email or mail me something to start?

  4. Jen: I think my sister and I are gonna sign up. Do we just do it online? Let me know. You can email me if you want One of my friends runs all the events out at irvine lake so let me know if you guys need anything I'm sure she can help out.

  5. VC, Absolutely the pledge program is open to anyone who wants to help out our team. All money is going to the Foundation Fighting Blindness for our annual VisionWalk.

    Brianna, I am emailing you now!


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