Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Banding together in the form of wristbands

"We don't accomplish anything in this world alone ...
and whatever happens
is the result of the whole tapestry of one's life
and all the weavings of individual threads
from one to another
that creates something."

-Sandra Day O'Connor

As you know, 'Gavin's Groupies' was our team name for VisionWalk this year. I have been inspired to expand Gavin's Groupies name and have it be our signature name to help raise awareness of vision loss and provide funding to find a cure. That being said, my sister in law had a wonderful idea to get some "Gavin's Groupies" rubber wristbands in the bright orange color. These were such a hit at the VisionWalk, that I have put a PayPal option right her on my blog (just to your right ----->) so you can purchase them as well if you missed out. It's such a nice feeling to be around people who are wearing these wristbands.

We are doing it with the hope that when you look down at the bright orange color, you are reminded of all those who are affected with vision loss, and not fortunate enough to see the amazing colors the world has to offer.

Purchase your wristband and wear it proudly and help Gavin and his family's pursuit to help find a cure. A portion will go toward his fund and the other portion will go towards the Foundation Fighting Blindness. They are only $3 each.

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  1. Very moving story and awesome cause! Ordered my wristband just now and will encourage others @ the office to do so. The organization I work for--the Described and Captioned Media Program--just partnered with the AFB/NAPVI social network FamilyConnect, and I've been amazed at the number of moving stories and experiences of parents who have children with vision loss. Best wishes to you and your family!


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