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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ben Underwood, rest peacefully

I had no idea when I posted this blog post, Ben had already passed away. I don't recall hearing about his passing, and was so saddened to read about it just today. I heard about Ben's story before Gavin was even born. I was much more appreciative of him after learning of Gavin's vision impairment.

Ben displayed courage, goodness and inspiration.

Born a healthy baby, Ben lost his eyes to cancer at age 3. To quote his mom:

"Ben awake from the surgery and said "Mom I can't see anymore, I can't see anymore, Oh mom I can't see." Words of wisdom spoken to me from my pastors wife, sister Devon, "Don't let him feel your fears." After praying for strength and receiving from God, I said, "Ben YES YOU CAN SEE" and I took his little hands and put them on my face and said, "See me, you can see me with your hands," next, I put my hand to his nose and said, "Smell me, you can see me with your nose," then I said, "Hear me, you can see me with your ears, you can't use your eyes anymore, but you have your hands, your nose, and your ears." I tell this one thing, Ben has been seeing ever since."

Been had been cancer free, until cancer took his life this past January. The cancer returned to his sinus cavity, and chemo did not work.

Ben's life can be read here.

I cannot begin to imagine his mother's struggle. I applaud her strength in not letting Ben's condition hold him back, but rather she used it as a gift. He taught himself the skill of 'echolocation', what is used by bats and dolphins. Truly remarkable and worth a peek at the video.

Thank you Ben. You inspired me. Thank you to his mother, you have reminded me to be a fighter and are leading by example.

I often think of Ben, and will continue to honor him by keeping his fight alive, and have it serve as a reminder, "If Ben can do it, we all can do it."

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  1. Jen..Justin watched a show on Ben awhile ago maybe before you were even pregnant with Gavin I'm not sure. I remember him watching the show and having me sit down and watch the show with him and we were both amazed at his skill of 'echolocation' I had never even heard of it before. Very sad to hear Ben passed away.


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