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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainforest Cafe

Me and the boys had a great lunch yesterday at Rainforest Cafe. We went to meet other families with visually impaired children. I had only an hour and a half to sit with them before we had to be back on the freeway to beat the traffic, since we were at South Coast Plaza. I always seem to get caught in horrible traffic with both kids in the car.

I explained to Landon since this would be a glimpse of our big weekend this weekend. He has never really been around other children his age who are visually impaired. It was nice to see the kids acting like kids. Vision or no vision.

Anyone can attest with a 9 month old active baby, restaurants aren't always the most relaxing time! Gavin didn't want to sit still, and didn't want me to sit still either. I was able to take 5 bites of my salad and steal a few fries from Landon and exchange a few words with the other moms and kids. I wish I had more time to get to know them, but they will all be there this weekend at the NAPVI International Conference. We leave tomorrow, and can't wait to get away! We are getting away with the kids, it will be our first little trip with both of them. Can't wait!

As we were rushing to the car, I rolled the stroller under the sign, threw Landon in there and this is what I got. Not the greatest, but oh well. This is what happens when anxiety takes over anticipating traffic and me running late to my bowling league. lol!


  1. Fun! You are brave woman! I never wanted to leave the house, and you never stay in your house. LMAO!!!!!!

    Have a great time this weekend and then next you have to work on yours and your hubby weekend away. Right????

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