Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A day of Discovery

The day before 4th of July, we were so excited Troy was off work. He works so hard for us, and for me to stay home with the boys, we always get excited when there is a day he can enjoy a weekday with us. I wanted to go to Knott's Berry Farm, but we didn't want to be miserable in the heat so we decided on the Discovery museum. This is the day we picked up his new glasses, this was a defining day for him, his last day without glasses. It was fun, and instead of pushing Gavin around in the stroller, we carried him and had him feel everything. It was cute to see his little hands move over things and seeing his facial expressions as he takes in different textures.

I have a new respect for my sense of feel, it's something we tend to overlook, but many times I find myself feeling things and closing my eyes and seeing it differently.

Seeing it through the eyes of Gavin has brought me a new respect for God's world.

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  1. So cool Jen. I'm sure he loved it and learned a lot. I just love you and your hubbies attitude with this whole thing. Your family is an inspiration to me.


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