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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blind Children's Learning Center

Today, Gavin and I went to the Blind Children's Learning Center in Santa Ana. I went to meet with the Director, as well as an Occupational Therapist. Since 85% of what a baby learns is done visually, it is very important Gavin is stimulated properly and even more important I am aware of exactly what needs to be done at home. Vestibular stimulation is at the top of the list of importance. That part of the brain needs to be active, even though he is not getting it visually.

His teacher through the district has been wonderful. Each week Gavin is making progress. He is a stubborn little sucker! Not surprised, so was his brother. ;)

I am hoping along with the other services he is receiving (including from the Braille Institute), we will continue to keep him on track, and on the road to giving him all avenues of exploration.

The services through BCLC are not paid for by the state. I tell ya, learning the system, and figuring what services he should be qualified for, what is 'low incidence' and how they determine that, along with me keeping up to date with what I know I need to fight for, is a lot! Everything is kind of learned as we go. I have had a great support, with some wonderful new friends who have been and are where we are. They are helping to guide me through this. You seriously can get totally lost and confused. I still am!

If anyone has any kind of input with the 'system' and services blind/VI children can qualify for, please email me. I am keeping an ongoing record of my findings, so I can make sure to share with others along the way.


  1. The system is so screwy. Everyone tries to send you to district, so it's funded that way. District tries to keep your hands tied, in the sense they speak as if they are "sole" professionals (which I'm not saying they're not helpful- but they are not specific for your particular son/daughter). They have general information as well as general therapist. I am going to email you more.


  2. I just ran across your blog somehow and it caught my eye. My song is visually impaired along with sun sensitivity. I saw a few things that mentioned Chino and I used to live in Chino, just recently moved to Las Vegas. But I do know what you are going through and I found that the school district people they send and the Braile Institute is absolutely wonderful.


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