Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music therapy

- (this particular section article by Charles Gourgey)

Music therapy is an evolving discipline integrating psychotherapy with the use of music. The term therapy usually brings to mind a verbal model; early forms of thera­py were called the "talking cure." A verbal model, however, is not appropriate foreveryone. Many people of all ages, and especially young children whose language skills are not yet formed, respond better to therapies that do not depend on words. Music reaches the child beneath the level of words, providing a channel of communi­cation close to the child's own experience.

Music can be a potent means of communication for helping a child whose social skillsmay be deficient to form relationships with others. Many education settings now use music therapy to help children develop these skills, and in these settings music therapyhas become a standard part of a child's individualized education plan. Because children who are visually impaired face special challenges in their relationships with their peers, music therapy merits consideration by teachers who work with these children.

We have been informed by all the doctors to encourage music to Gavin. It's a positive learning experience on all levels. We don't drown out the normal daily sounds of our house, but that being said, music is always playing. It's important Gavin hears the ticking of the clock, the sound of water as we turn on the faucet, the sound of the flushing toilet, etc. These will all be guides to him to let him know where he is in each room, as he begins to become more mobile, and begins walking.

Gavin had his first piano/music lesson Sunday. Ok, well, Landon (my 5 yr old) had his first piano lesson Sunday, and Gavin sat in his carseat next to the piano bench. I kept him occupied with a small toy, but wanted him to listen and hear. I wanted him to hear my brother (piano teacher), describe the keys, wanted him to hear the flipping of the piano book, and the instruction of hand placement. It is something we will continue to expose to him. If it's something he's not interested in, fine... but until then music will be slowly introduced to him as a form of therapy and explorement.

Landon loved it! I'm hoping he continues with it, alongside his sport activities. Also hoping he has the music ear and talent like his grandpa and my brother and little sister. That gene skipped me! I've always been intrigued by the piano, but never learned how to play. I'm happy to have it exposed to my kids, and am hoping it will be a positive experience.

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