Thursday, May 28, 2009

First glance at the first tooth

Ok, mom. I will humor you, and open just a little. Now take the pic and give me my cereal.
HA HA... good tickle mom. Now I'm really getting hungry. Hurry.
This is getting a little out of hand lady. What else do you want?

Seriously, get the camera out of my face, or I'm calling dad.


  1. Cutest smile EVER! This is funny I keep looking at the last picture and what you wrote. Sounds like what he's thinkin'. teehee!

    How did today go?

  2. He is adorable! My kids think the same thing I'm sure, like mom get the camera out of my face..I'm trying to eat haha

  3. hee hee so cute! Great smile.


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