Friday, May 1, 2009

6 month check up

Gavin had his check up today and some shots (boo). He is still on track developmentally (motor skills), which is refreshing to hear. Close to 70th percentile in height/weight.

We decided on an antioxidant for him to take. This can slow retinal disease progression, and improve eye health. It won't fix what he has, but can slow down the disease, which is big, because what he has, has the potential to be degenerative. For all of you with eye problems, retinal problems, etc.. PLEASE get on an antioxidant supplement. It can be HUGE for preserving the site you do have. I have a few names that were given to me, they are over the counter, so no prescription is necessary. Let me know and I can share the info I have after doing some research.

The problem we had, which I found very odd, we couldn't find an antioxidant supplement for infants or even children? If in fact, Gavin does has LCA, and it has been proven supplements can help, and LCA forms are present at birth - then why aren't there any which can be given to children? There ARE babies born with vision loss, there are children with vision loss? It's not just a degenerative macular disease adults get?

We had to call manufacturers, speak to pharmacists, etc. Finally, Dr. Warren (Gavin's pediatrician), felt safe to go with a particular brand. It's kind of a Mickey Mouse job as far as dosage, because I'm only going to give him 1/3 of the recommended full capsule. The capsule is powder, so I'm going to be dividing this powder up into thirds.

Hope the neighbors don't catch me in the middle of dividing up this white powder, and even worse giving it to my child. *wink

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  1. Well I'm glad you were able to find something to give him. You're such a great mommy, finding ways to help him and his condition.


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