Thursday, May 28, 2009

About 1 week left

...and $6,730.00 raised for Gavin's Groupies!

Can you believe it. My original goal ($1,500) has now been bumbed up to $10,000. Yes, I know... I only have a week left (and 2 days to be exact), but I set high expectations. ;)

PLEASE feel free to still donate if you so wish. Just click on the VisionWalk button to your right.

The Foundation for Fighting Blindness funds many clinical studies, and we hope (I know) these will be the answer for Gavin we are searching for as far as treatment. A cure WILL happen.

I just pray it's soon enough, and during my lifetime, so I can see the joy in his eyes.

Thank you for your continued support. I love Gavin SO much, and it truly warms my heart to see so many others love and support him.


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