Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cookies galore

So, I am finally getting around to posting about our cookie bake-off. We had a lot of fun baking, and it's nice to know when you push yourself what you are capable of. My grandma and I baked about 100 dozen cookies in 2 days. We ended up having some help from both my sisters and my mother in law and stepmom which was a life saver!

By the time we figured out our dozens against those that donated, we were a few dozen short. Yes, a few, as in like five dozen. We ate/snacked all day long on these darn things. We had to at least try one from each batch to make sure they tasted ok, bakers dozen right? LOL

We hand wrapped every 2 cookies in saran wrap. A dozen cookies were placed in a white paper bag. We put an orange ribbon attached with a "Thank you" little charm, and an ingredient list was placed on the bag in case we had anyone with allergies. Phew! Lots of work, but ton of fun.

Here are some photos of the bakers. My grandma is one of the best people in the world. The epitomy of the word "grandma". I admire, adore and respect her so much, as a person and as a grandmother. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I love her very much. I am grateful my children are blessed to be a part of her life. Love you grandma!!!

When I arrived early in the morning, she already had all these done!

Landon even helped with a batch or two. He liked rolling the balls in the sugar. He learned all about germs while baking, cross contamination, etc. We were germaphobes! My grandma sterilized everything she baked with.

My sister with her good handwriting, hard at work putting the "Thank you" on the tag.

Making progress on day #2. 100 dozen baked, and my mother-in-law attaching the ribbon.

Finished, and ready to be delivered/shipped.

I got a picture of grandma with the very first completed bag. All in the name of her great-grandson.

I am trying to get this to be a business for my grandma. She already has baked as favors for weddings/showers/partys. She also has made them for people to send to others as a gift for birthdays, congratulations and "just because". She always has done it as a hobby, but I am hoping to get it going for her as a legitimate business. She already told me proceeds would go towards FFB. How awesome would that be! Keep it in mind for your next event. Email me if you would like a price list.

I wanted these cookies as party favors for my baby shower. The below is a picture from my baby shower with Gavin. We did not want to know what we were having, so we went neutral with colors, etc. They looked so cute individually wrapped with ribbon. The sticker on the front is hard to see from the glare, but it is two baby feet.

They looked very cute next to the cake, with the alternate matching polka dots to tie in the black/white/lime green colors.

Landon had fun passing them out, and as he did, he said "Thank you for being here for my mom an dad and baby sister or brother". :)

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  1. I absolutely had the best time helping you guys out, I am ready to do it all over again. Oh, and thanks for posting the picture of me with my big part down the middle of my head.


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