Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Gavin is starting to say the word "ball". It's adorable when he gets on a roll. I took some video, and it's a little long, but he starts to say it at the beginning and again at like 0:40 and 1:20. I despise hearing my voice - so just fast forward! LOL

Also, the child psychologist we have been talking to, informed us the best way children learn to say words is when you use them in sentences. Example, if you want them to say "ball", you talk about the ball. "Where is the ball", "Do you see the big ball", etc... You're supposed to steer away from just repeating the word "ball" "ball" "ball". Of course, crazy mom over here is like 'ball ball ball' all throughout the video! I remembered halfway through. Learning curve for me!

I love watching the innocence in babies and seeing his lips quiver trying to make the right movement to get the sound out. If you notice him rubbing his eyes, he does this constantly. One of the specialists told me it's very common in babies with vision loss. It's called ocular stimulation, or something like that. He's trying to get his eyes to see more than he does by rubbing them. Also, his lower eyelids are turned inwards and so his lower lashes touch his eyeball. There is a quick procedure they can do to fix this, but we are giving him a few months to see if the lower lid folds out normally and on its own. I think that also causes some irritation. That has nothing to do with his condition, the doctor told me it's common in Asian heritage (which is on my husbands side of the family).

He also says "momma" and "dada". Of course we as parents swear that's what they're saying, it's probably just more elite babble talk!

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  1. oh my gosh jen he is so stinkin cute! his little mouth and that dimple ahhhh! smart too! finley can't say anything. she has too many people talking for her i think haha!


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