Monday, February 16, 2009

Gavin's Grandma's Cookies!

All donations (and those who have already donated) to Gavin's Groupies prior to Friday, March 13th - will receive a very special thank you gift courtesy of Gavin's Grandma. This gift is a dozen of her famous homemade soft molasses cookies. These cookies (and their secret recipe) has been in our family for over 55 years!

If you donate, and live within a 25 mile radius of the city of Chino Hills, they will be hand delivered by a family member of Gavin. If you live outside of the 25 mile radius, your cookies will be shipped. The delivery of these cookies, is dependent upon the demand. We will try to get the orders delivered the week of March 16th.

You can donate online here, or send a check (email me and I will give you the info). Also, if you would like to give us cash or a check when the cookies are delivered, please email me. 100% of all money collected, will go towards VisionWalk (Foundation for Fighting Blindness) to help us find a cure/treatment for Gavin and many others affected by vision loss.

Please continue to spread the word. We are very determined, and glad you are with us on our journey. Please make even the smallest donation! You will ALL receive a gift!

Please note: These cookies have been personally requested by family and friends for special occasions (showers, holidays, etc.) for quite some time. You will now get to taste what our family has been enjoying for many, many years!

The previous post on Gavin's Groupies is here and my email address is

Thank you!


  1. Good luck on the walk, your family will be in my prayers. Pauline Blasetti

  2. Thank you very much Pauline. Also, thank you kindly for your donation.

    The Stevens Family


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