Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gavin's Groupies and VisionWalk 2009

I have locally found a fundraising event, that I am sure my family will be part of year after year. This event is called VisionWalk. VisionWalk is the national signature fundraising event of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. The Foundation has funded thousands of research studies at hundreds of prominent institutions worldwide. Currently, the Foundation funds 151 grants at 80 institutions. The Foundation funds leading-edge research in promising areas such as genetics, gene therapy, retinal cell transplantation, and pharmaceutical and nutritional therapies.
Since its inception on September 16, 1971, the Foundation has raised more than $350 million.

I completely understand during these hard economic times, it may not be feasible to donate. I did hesitate to reach out and even inform I am doing a fundraiser - because so many are affected by their own individual hardships. I figured, even if $5 dollars is raised, that is 5 dollars more than what the Foundation had.

If you would like to donate, fabulous! If you would like to join my family for this event, even better! It will be on the CSUF campus on Sunday, June 7th at 9am. PLEASE just come out and show your support, it's an easy walk - bring your family, throw the little ones in strollers and be part of something great! I have listed some facts about this Foundation below. My personal page is here. If you would like to walk, please leave a comment or email me (jstevens04@gmail.com). I am in contact with local newspapers, etc. trying to get a press release about this organization and event. I would like us to all be wearing the same color shirts for a possible photo op. :) Yes, our team is called "Gavin's Groupies". Thanks to my hubby. Please be part of Gavin's Groupies, even if we do not personally know you.

Did you know that...
Over ten million Americans of every age and race suffer vision loss from blinding diseases such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, stargardt disease and Usher syndrome.

Macular degeneration (AMD), has inherited risks, is characterized by a progressive loss of central vision, and is the leading cause of legal blindness in adults over age 55.

RP and Usher syndrome are inherited diseases commonly diagnosed during childhood or young adulthood. RP causes severe vision loss leading to legal and/or complete blindness. Children with Usher syndrome are born with varying degrees of deafness and later develop RP.

Your donation will help support cutting-edge research in promising areas such as genetics, gene therapy, retinal cell transplantation, artificial retinal implants, and pharmaceutical and nutritional therapies that will one day put an end to retinal diseases.

With Your Help, A Cure is in Sight!


  1. I was actually looking into something earlier today. Raising money every time I do a run, having people donate instead of me just running to run like Forest Gump. For whatever he may need now or in the future. Money that could be put away directly for his medical needs or learning materials etc... until I can figure out how all that works tho, I will be honored to walk with Gavin's Groupie!

  2. I will absolutely walk for the little guy... The whole family will be there to support Gavin....I agree with Gaby, we should set something up to donate to Gavin directly for any medical needs he may have in the future....Anything you need to coordinate this event, just call. Love you guys.........

    Mindi Moon

  3. It is our day to day faith that will take us into our tomorrow, and it is our attitude that will make a difference, but it is by prayer that the Lord begins to work...

    You and your family and in my prayers Troy...
    Thank you for sharing!
    Jennifer Fairfax

  4. You guys have our support! We will be there!

    Love you,

    Jack, Heather and Sydney

  5. I don't know Gavin here physically, I'm sure I know him from heaven.
    I'm helping your cause as I can and I do pray for Heavenly Father to give us the scientific advances to put a vision on your horizon.
    With all my love


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