Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on donations - WOW!

I have not checked our donations the past few days. I am absolutely amazed by the support we have received. We have raised close to $1,400 online ALONE, and close to $3,000 in offline donations! My goal was $1,500 by June and we crushed that in just a few weeks!

Knowing this money is going towards the Foundation for Fighting Blindness to find treatments for Gavin and those in his situation moves me to tears. I am honored to be in the circle of people I have in my life - and blessed Gavin's story has touched those we do not even know.

One day I know he will see that sunset in all its glory. I also know it will be in my lifetime, and I will get to witness his expression. I long for that day.

You have 3 more days to get grandma's cookies with your donation. Read about it here if you have not done so. We have all our ingredients for our marathon baking days! I'm excited to bake and thank all of you for your support (and also have you fall in love with my grandma's cookies).

You have until the 13th to get your dozen!

To say thank you is an understatement. I am again at a loss for words as I think about all of our support, you all know who I am talking about - there has been so many people stepping up it has been surreal. I promise to make Gavin's story one in which will continue to touch people, and I will pay it forward and help those around me. It is my mission like I have said before. Emails and comments I have received expressing how I am in sense an inspiration is a huge compliment - however, the inspiration is my son. I am in a sense just talking for him, and expressing what he cannot. He is the reason for my positive outlook and my pillar of strength. He IS the inspiration, I am just the messenger. :)

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  1. That's awesome Jen! I'm putting another link up back to your blog in hopes to help:)


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