Wednesday, March 18, 2009

100 dozen cookies!

Two days into cookie baking for our donaters and we have baked 100 DOZEN cookies!

Cookied out, exhausted, but SO much fun! It's so nice to see all these cookies spread out packaged and ready for delivery/shipment, and know that each little bag represented a person who donated money. It's a great feeling!

As delicious as these are, I could care less if I put another in my mouth. Until tomorrow :)

I will post some pics so you can see our assembly line. I still need to organize uniforms for tomorrow's game and go to the store and buy snacks for the game - my house is a disaster, and I think my husband will wear dirty socks tomorrow to work. All in all, the last few days have been worth it. You guys rock! We will hopefully be finished tomorrow...

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  1. we ALL loved the cookies!!! Thank you! What a great idea and they were packaged so cute! Way to go! My husband and I literally fought over the last one!


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