Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steven's Hope and American Idol

Wow - two posts in one day!

First, for those of you who would like to put a couple of hours here and there towards volunteer work, I think I found somewhere that is very inspiring. My mom and I went to "Steven's Hope" in Upland tonight for a meeting. Steven was a little boy born with a heart defect, who only lived for a few hours. His parents stepped up and started a charity - their story is pretty awesome. You can volunteer in their office, at events, etc. They are open to ANY help they can get. They run an insurance company as well, and need help to keep this amazing charity going forward. Baby Steven's story, and their family as a whole is very inspirational. I am going to do some volunteer work, if you would like more information - let me know. This charity is small, but their impact on families is HUGE. It's the mom and dad of Steven and one or two part-time staff. The rest is volunteer, so please let me know, and we can volunteer at some upcoming events!

Secondly, did you watch American Idol? Scott MacIntyre, is blind and a member of Foundation for Fighting Blindness. This is the same organization I am doing the VisionWalk for. Of course I was a crying fool watching him sing, because of my emotional tie to the situation. He also sang one of my favorite songs, I always get a good feeling when I hear it - and I think he did great. I admire his character and determination. I love seeing someone having a great moment, especially someone who has faced adversity. I've been inspired since I woke up today, I don't know what's going on? LOL

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