Thursday, April 21, 2011

New blog!

This blog will be moved to WordPress (FINALLY).  Phew!  I have been wanting to switch to WordPress for quite some time, and to it's own domain.  I'm finally in the process of it.  Hold tight, the finished touches won't be for a few weeks, but once it is up, I will no longer have a blogspot account.

Many of you may know, we have Gavin's Foundation that we started about 10 months ago.  I have kept to my promise that I do no inundate posts on here with foundation info.  We have our website, we have our Facebook, and our Twitter and Flickr accounts all with the foundation info.  I wanted to keep Gavin's blog, Gavin's blog, more personal, and dedicated to his development, trials and triumphs, and to be resourceful.  I do pop in every once in a while, when we have a big event coming up... but I did not want to turn this blog into a Foundation blog.  Not that it's not important, but it's really second to everything.

I also want to thank those who have put me in the "mommy blog lists".  I get frequent emails from people who have found the blog through those, and I am thankful.  I, however, do not consider this a typical "mommy blog".  I choose to not blog about "mommy" activities, or day to day events.  We also have another older son, who is 7.  I didn't start the blog to be a "mommy blog" and update our daily events. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just choose not to.  I'm sorry if I have disappointed those who have come here to read about that.  If that were the case, only every other post would be devoted to Gavin, to keep fair to our oldest, wonderful son!  Landon is not talked about much on here, but because I didn't start the blog to blog about both my children or my family in general.  It was a way to have an outlet with Gavin's diagnosis, and has taken a life on it's own, since.

I appreciate all my loyal readers, and even when this gets moved to its own domain, it will be kept more informational, and just about Gavin.  It will also be my opinions on certain things, and our emotions regarding the day to day challenges.

We have also decided (I actually started this about a month ago, but with allthefreetimeIhave I haven't made it live, yet), to do another blog just for our Gavin's Groupies and our events.  This blog will be an extension of our Foundation website, for those who are interested in reading.  I think this is great, because you will not get overwhelmed with all the postings of our events (we have about 2 a month), and all the Foundation talk!

Not that it is not important, but I know there are many here who come for support, and who are not interested in fundraising.  I completely understand!  I don't want the foundation/fundraising info to be shoved down your throat, so to speak.  We have A LOT going on with the foundation, it would not be fair to share it ALL here - when you may be here just to get resources. Now you will have an option to read about our upcoming, past, and ongoing projects, events, fundraising, and all the incredible things that go into running a non-profit (including the headaches).  snicker

I will never give up the fight for my son, so he may one day have an option!  I will first, however be number one as a mom to both my boys, an advocate for them, and the foundation falls into line where it may in our lives!  Today, it is my full-time job, outside of my full- time job <mommy> (neither of which I get a paycheck, but it's the most rewarding job I could ever imagine).

Thank you all for being here, and showing interest in reading about our son, Gavin, and our journey.  There are so many different layers of being a parent to a child who is blind.  I love reading your comments and emails!  You inspire me, and I'm glad you are with us, as we take on this journey, that we are now so blessed to be on.

By the way, how can you not be inspired by this hair?  LOL

The million dollar smile, however, is another story. :)

What a show off!

Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll. ~Author Unknown


  1. NEW BLOG???? Will all your old content be there? Please say yes. I have your pages bookmarked, and I share with my students, especially the videos and Vest. Stim. stuff?

    (from Philly)

  2. Excited for you!
    XoXo Danielle


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