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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gavin's eye pressing - another update

So, as you may know, we are on a new adventure with Gavin's eye pressing.  Read this post, from a few days ago, for more information.  In the past week, I have tried some new tactics.  I wanted to share, because I know so many other parents struggle with this.

And what a struggle it is.

The way I reprimand Gavin, and the way I reprimand Landon (our 7 year old), are totally different.  Obviously, because of their age, but I mean in the sense of how we handle a situation, when they are in trouble. It sure is a ride raising one sighted child, and one completely blind child!  If Landon is misbehaving, all he needs to see is my face (or his dads) from across the room, and he straightens up.  With Gavin, as he is getting older, I am finding myself having to be much more vocal.  I even need to get louder, to emphasize my voice in a manner that he knows I am not messing around.  This is so new to me!  He can't see my facial expressions, so he goes based off of our voice. 

I have to be very conscious and aware of the way I say things. This is a learning curve, like I mentioned. 

Back to the eye pressing.  If I tell Gavin "hands down", like I have a bajillion times in the past, he presses his eyes harder now (for the most part).  That is his way of being defiant (and a typical 2 year old).  He does this, and laughs at the same time.  He laughs!  He knows how to get under my skin!  I try so hard not to laugh myself, while I am thinking "What a stinker!"

Obviously, this is telling me we need a new way to handle this.  I have also tried tapping his little arm, and say "hands down monkey."  Almost like a prompt.  Yeah, that does nothing.  Again, he thinks it's a game, or he enjoys frustrating his mother, and he presses harder, and smiles/laughs.


So, I have moved onto raising my voice with him, and getting close to his face, so he knows I mean business.  This has worked!  It kills me, because I am not a yeller, and I am not yelling, but I feel like I am, because it is not me.  I don't raise my voice, all that often.  Sometimes to be heard in my house full of boys, I need to get louder, but I'm not necessarily a loud person. 

Let's see how long this new tactic will last, until he catches on, and starts yelling (or laughing) back at me.  I'm hoping this will just break the habit, for now.  Yes, I understand the need will still be there, but breaking the habit (like we did when he would rip off the glasses), is what my goal is right now.

If you have found another tactic working for you, please email me.  I would love any information I can gather, from all those seasoned parents out there who have dealt with this!

I will keep you posted on our progress, and how the crazy screaming lady is coming along with her new approach.  Kidding, of course.  Kind of.

Nap time, bed time is the best.  I know his little eye sockets are getting some much needed rest.  The pacifier continues to still help him as well.  He is soothed much quicker, and does much less of the eye pressing when going to sleep.


  1. He's getting so big! I'm sorry for the struggles. Keep strong. X0

  2. Oh man, this sounds EXACTLY like Milo! The 2s are so hard aren't they? One tactic that helps us a little (although obviously, nothing can stop it) is saying to Milo "when you're pressing your eyes it looks to me like you're tired -- I guess you're going to have to go to your room and take a nap." Since he resists napping that usually stops him...until the next time a few minutes later of course! -Jodi


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