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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Irvine Lake Mud Run - this Sunday!

The Gavin R Stevens Foundation, which was created in Gavin's name, is the chosen beneficiary for this year's Irvine Lake Mud Run!  We are so thankful, and we are so excited!

Gavin's Groupies is in full force, with another big group, getting dirty for a good cause!  We are running to raise awareness for Leber's Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), and raise money for a cure.

The Mud Run, is this Sunday.  I think it will be extra muddy, as we are expecting rain the next couple of days.  In October's mud run, we had two people who ran "blind", and we had two guides, who guided them through the course.  Our friend, Reggie, wrote a blog post about it.  I wanted to share his touching post, so if you could pop on over and read what his insights of being a "blind guide" througout the duration of the 5k mud run, was like.  It's heartfelt.

Jayson (guide), John (runner), Heather (runner), Reggie (guide) -- October 2010

My favorite quote:

"We walk around with blinders that we inadvertently place there, which hinder us from what we want to do, while those without sight live life blind to barriers as nothing could hinder them from what they desire to experience."

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