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Monday, May 3, 2010

Keys to the soul


gentle fingers caress the keys
a whole new world has opened up to me

i can feel the music

i can see the light

that comes from having the melody be my sight.

(it's not easy bein' cheesy -- but that little poem came to me as i stared at his little fingers)
No, really... hold the applause.

Gavin takes little 'lessons' here and there. Not structured like Landon's, but he loves it and never wants to leave when 'lessons' are over. His piano teacher is learning braille, so he can help him read music when the time comes. I hear music differently now because of him. I have said this before, but music and Gavin are a match made in heaven. He recites lyrics after hearing them once, sometimes twice. He will hum the song right back to you. His world stops when he hears music, and is taking in the melody. I am in awe of this little guy when it comes to his 'usikkk' (music).


  1. You crack me up...(hold the applause) That is so neat that he is learning so much. What a smart kid. You will have to video him to share with us :)

  2. the piano poem is cute! and i love the picture... got a little composer on your hands maybe. :P


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