Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letter campaign for sponsorships

I wrote this note on Facebook on Gavin's Groupies page, and thought I would also share it here.

Hope you can help us!

We have VisionWalk coming up in a few weeks and want to meet our fundraising goal. Does the company you work for, or a company you know like to contribute to charitable organizations?

Do you personally know an organization gears towards philanthropic views?

If so, please send me a contact name and mailing address so that they may get a sponsorship letter from me. This will be a one-time letter campaign, I will not personally contact or bother anyone. Simply sending a letter asking for their help. Send info to

Everyone UP TO THE FIRST 20 people who refer us to a company/organization will get a Gavin's Groupies T-shirt as our thank you for your help! Not many people know about VisionWalk, and some organizations are wanting to contribute to a charitable organization and need a tax write-off.

What a perfect match we can be for them! Thank you for your help, and bringing us closer to our goal, and helping us with our fight to find a cure. So far we have personally raised over $8,000!
The company does not necessarily need to be in the Southern California area. Foundation Fighting Blindness is a nationally recognized organization.

Thank you, a Cure is in Sight!

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