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Monday, May 17, 2010

Guest blogger - Landon, age 6

We wint to dor to dor to get plejis. this muney is for Gavin. he is a crasye mokye. i like to rid my bike.

"We went door to door to get pledges. This money is for Gavin. He is a crazy monkey. I like to ride my bike."

(Yes, he typed it all himself. No I did not help with other than teaching him two spaces after a period)

Landon was so excited to go door to door in our neighborhood and get pledges for VisionWalk.

He wore his bright orange VisionWalk shirt from last year, Gavin was in the stroller and off they went! Landon knocked on the door himself and did his intro, daddy had to help when they asked questions. I think he got shy. :)

He was happy to have raised $120 in just about 45 minutes! We will be doing this every weekend until the VisionWalk. I made him a sheet of how much raised and what his goal is, so he can get an understanding of how hard everyone works to raise money for his brother.

Typing away his first sentence. Mom's first guest blogger.

"rrrrr"... "crrrrrrr" (trying to spell out crazy)

Because his brother Gavin really IS crazy. Poor Landon trying to pose and Gavin swoops in with the chompers and bites his fingers.

As if the bite wasn't enough, he has to go in with the head push.

Hurry Landon, quick. Sneak in there so I can take a picture.

Thank you Landon Troy Stevens for your first guest blog entry. Hope you will join us again soon.


  1. This is so cute. These will be so cute for Gavin to SEE one day! What a good brother he has! :)


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