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Sunday, May 2, 2010


While this #33 Dodger stud muffin is at bat hitting the ball....

.....getting 'em out at home,

... and waiting for a ball hit up the middle.
... then chasing 'em down at home.

THIS stud muffin just wants to ALK! ALK... ALLLLLKKKK! (walk)

But only "alk" with two hands positioned just right.

Don't trick me mom, you let go of one hand, and I stop! I know your trick.

But don't you just love my Gavin's Groupies braille sweatshirt?
Don't mind my flat, bad hair day -- I just woke up, and wanted to alkkkk.
Gavin's wanting to "alk" and asks to "alk" 1,098 times a day. He's getting more comfortable, and I'm so proud of him. He's been cruising around furniture for a few months, and now is ready to "alk" holding your fingers just right. I'm sure we will be in this phase for a while, but he's getting more and more comfortable and he makes me so proud! He is 18 months now, and still not crawling, which isn't surprising. Many of the other mommy's I've talked to with VI babies, skip crawling. His walking is a delay to the blindness. Close your eyes and try taking a few steps. Scary for us, and we have a point of reference. Gavin doesn't. He doesn't understand his place in space -- but he's getting there. At least when we "alk" he keeps his hands out of his eyes. So I will trade that battle in for my sore, burning, aching, feel-like-my-back-is-on-fire and-I-can't-move-at-night, any day!
Keep going monkey -- you're doing good!

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