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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Step away from your comfort zone

Gavin will be 17 months in a few weeks. He is still not crawling or walking. This is pretty typical for a blind or VI (depending on the impairment) baby/toddler. He is slowing getting the concept, but is not yet connecting all the pieces. He stands, but not independently. He pulls himself up to a standing position with no help from us, but while supporting himself against the couch, etc. Once he is up, he can safely get back down. I honestly think he is going to walk and not crawl, but his PT and myself still work on the crawling, many, many hours a week. He always wants to go back to his comfort zone, which is flat on his back, because it is full body contact to the ground. But yet, he can still kick his feet and move his arms, and have the safety of his full body touching the ground. This position he is getting better at, but when he goes into an uncomfortable position, his automatic response is on his back. He is safe there. That is a constant struggle, and he is strong (physically) and heavy! We get a work out over here. lol

Gavin's personality is a strong willed one. He knows what he wants to do, and won't allow you to put him in a position that he isn't willing to participate in, just yet. This draws a huge protest for his Physical Therapist. He loves her, and plays well with her, but when she (or I) put him in the quad position, and try to get him to not kick his feet out under him, it is a time for utter shrieks. On one hand, I try to hold him to the, "it's ok honey, you're fine" and try not to baby him. On the other hand, my heart feels for the little guy. Can you imagine not being able to see where you are, and be put in positions you are not used to, nor comfortable in? I put myself in his shoes, during his protests and at times I hold back my tears. But each position is a step closer. And each position we put him in, he will start picking up on his own, and he has. I am so proud of him!

I just know how much his world will open up to him once he starts walking/crawling. It will be a whole new world for him, and another daily pot of coffee for me, to keep up with him. I know the day is near, and we push him, but not to the point of where he is terrified. I believe the tactful way in which we are doing it is helpful to him. We have tried everything. Are there any other avenues you parents who have encountered the same issue tried that you felt worked? I am open to hearing any and all suggestions.

Thanks for sharing...


  1. I noticed if I didn't push Dominic too much, he reacted better. I know what you mean about pushing but not to where they are terrified. It's a hard balance to find. Keep doing wht your doing.

  2. hi, my son milo also has LCA and is just a bit older than gavin (19 mos.). just found your blog. it sounds like they are very similar, particularly the part about being strong willed! i remember how hard it was to get milo off his back and i think you are right, it is good to just put them in the correct positions and eventually they will catch on even if they fight it. milo fought it all the way and but has recently started walking pretty well independently inside the house. it was as if one day the light just came on and he was like "oh, i can do this after all!" it may take several more months but i'm sure gavin will be toddling around before you know it. -jodi

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