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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mommy time out

If many of you have kept up with this blog, or know us personally.... we are always on the go. Rarely home, involved in everything, and we like it that way. Couple this lifestyle with the emotional roller coaster that last year brought and that equals not a whole lot of time to focus on me. I didn't take the time to go to the gym, which I love doing. I didn't take the time to focus or even listen to my body. Honestly last year was a bit of a fog, for many reasons. Not just Gavin, but family tragedy and death and all that comes with that.

Let's forward to the beginning of this year. I did not do a New Year's Resolution, but rather I promised myself I will devote more time (and not feel bad about it) to me. I began walking with Gavin to pick up Landon from school. I began drinking more water (which I am horrible at), and I began taking time out to myself each night, to read, to research, and that to me is relaxing. I noticed that I was extremely fatigued, and realized I had been for many, many months. The Type A side of me, would have all these things planned out in my mind. I was, however feeling like I didn't have the energy, nor the desire when it came to wanting to do them. In my mind I did... I just had difficulty executing.

I sat and realized that I had been feeling this way for probably all of last year, but I chalked it up to emotional fatigue, and just overall being drained from all the events that last year brought us. It started hitting me, that I felt like what I was feeling was just more than stress. Needless to say, I had blood work done. I found out my hemoglobin count was barely on the charts (anemia). I was prescribed iron two times a day, along with a specific multivitamin and additional mineral (along with a dirty look from my doctor). *Low hemoglobin does not equal anemia, so I learned... but in my case, my problem was insufficient iron = anemia.

What I have learned from this is, I was in such a fog for so long, I didn't even realize I wasn't taking my multivitamin, and hadn't been for who knows how long. I am typically diligent about this, since I don't eat meat, and work everyday to maintain my protein intake, etc.. I guess I just took a whole year off from my health, and was paying for it. Big time. I am sharing this with you, because I know so many other parents, who have emailed me, in the middle of what I was going through last year. Taking a back seat to their health, and just trying to survive in a sense. Take care of yourself! I cannot STRESS how different I feel just a week into my iron pills. My thought process is quicker, I don't fight the want to take a nap during the day, I'm not as out of breath, and the list goes on. Just after 1 week! I feel emotionally and physically... refreshed.

Just after one week.

I am not giving medical advice here, I'm not saying to go buy some iron and take it 2x day (that amount should only be prescribed and monitored). What I am saying is, dang it... I let this go for way too long. I am a little bit bothered with myself for allowing it to go this far.

This isn't your typical blog post, since it isn't about Gavin, but about me. But I wanted to share with you, because I feel so differently in such a short amount of time. I had no idea (even though I've been anemic before) how horribly anemia can affect your day to day duties and attitude. I urge you to stay on top, and listen to your body. Us moms tend to worry about the little pitter patter of feet in the house, and not worry or focus on ourselves.

Listen to your body, and take a day to make a doctors appointment for YOU. Your family, and body will thank you :)


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. When we got Dom's diagnosis, I don't think it was two years before I realized what kind of a "fog" I was living in. Later realized this was truly depression - but didn't take care of myself nonetheless. This is an important reminder for anyone, especially parents out there on their new road with the diagnosis of a disability with their baby.

    Thank you for sharing and hope this strikes a chord with your readers!

  2. AMEN@!!!!!!!!!!

    I went thru the same thing one yr after our diagnosis. I was aneamic which was contributing to my depression. I felt like a diff woman just a month after my supplements. Take care of yourself Jenifer and I am so happy you are feeling much better.

  3. I had the same low hemoglobin as you. Within two weeks I felt like a new person. Before that,I was dizzy,achey muscles,headaches,and just in a fog like you mentioned. I was beginning to dread getting out of bed each morning. Had lab-work done and found out it was anemia.

    I had no idea how sick it can make you feel and Im so glad to hear it has helped once you got on your supplements.

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