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Friday, February 12, 2010

Perspective for me?

I'm getting a little tired of starting each new post with something to the effect of "...sorry it's been so long". yadda yadda yadda. But seriously, can we add another 20 hours to the day? I'm going to attempt to layout our day, maybe that will help me try to get some of my own perspective.

6:00 am, wake up, feed both boys, dress both boys (or direct Landon), help with hair, yell "take your vitamin, brush, floss and rinse your teeth" 100 times (and this is to both Landon and my hubby - ha). Play time with Gavin, throw in a load of laundry, attempt to jump in the shower before Troy leaves for work (otherwise I don't get one until Gavin's nap). Dress, unload dishwasher, clean breakfast mess, ... you get the picture.

8:00 am Landon out the door to school, either Troy or I take him. By 9am, we are back at the house if we run errands in the morning, because Gavin's teacher will be here. By 10:30, I throw Gavin in the wagon and we go walk to pick up Landon. If we're running late, we take the car. Get home, lunch for both boys, start on homework, attempt to put Gavin down for a nap, I'm up and down the stairs 20 times making sure the diaper isn't coming off *this is getting old*. Attempt to clean up lunch mess, and Gavin's mess from the AM (toys, puzzles, etc that is thrown across the entire living room). Continue to work on homework with Landon, if Gavin is sleeping, Landon rides his bike for a bit, I attempt to do more laundry, clean EVERYTHING, and you get the picture.

2:00 pm Gavin awake from his nap and the next teacher arrives. Stays here for about an hour, then me and Gavin work on his therapy until daddy gets home. I have to be cleaver and plan out dinner the night before (this isn't always successful). And then it's a race against the clock to get dinner prepped and served when dad gets home from work. After dinner, clean up mess, finish cleaning what didn't get finished before, then it's baths, books and bed by 8pm.

Not only do I feel like I don't have anytime to sit in front of a computer and hammer out a post, I also don't feel like I have the creative juices to make the post worth reading. Of course, again, the above is complicated by the fact that Gavin's eye pressing doesn't allow for him to "play" on his own and me be off doing my thing. It is constant monitoring, and Murphy's Law prevails all the time. Just when I think he's good and content, I turn my back to attempt to pick up or just sit for a minute with my cold coffee, there he goes! I found it's easier to not fight it, and get frustrated with trying to do everything, so I have thrown things out in my life to just focus where I need to be focused. I'm still part of the Little League board, but have taken a step down in position. I was not team mom for soccer, and I will not be team mom for baseball again either this year. It's easier to remove the pressure from doing everything, than feeling like I am not giving 100% to everything. It was tough for me to reach this place, but it has helped me. :) I refused to cut out helping in Landon's class. It's important for me to feel like Landon is getting as much attention as Gavin. We have also included Landon in with Gavin's therapy, where we can.

I know this craziness is typical for all parents, it just varies in details. I love devoting all my time to my children, this is only a small amount of time they are with us. Before you know it, they will be off in college, married, etc. Right now, I have all this time with them, to really be a part of their life and involved, and I want to be proud of that when I am older. As difficult, stressful and time consuming it is, I would never have it any other way. That doesn't mean I don't have a right to complain sometimes, right? lol

So, needless to say. We are still working on the Gavin R Stevens Foundation, we are still working on events for Gavin's Groupies, we are working hard to prepare for our "Night without Light" dinner event (which I'm so excited about). I hope you guys sign up for it! As well as VisionWalk in June, and I am also trying to get some coroporate sponsorhips (hint hint). So, in short, we are still here.... and promise to continue to update with important events with Gavin.

My favorite part of my day right now is sneezing (even in another room), and having my little man say "Bless you" and smile. ;)


  1. Wow, busy girlfriend. I think it's wonderful the amount of fundraising and events your planning. Though I'm sure you're tired, you're making a difference. You're awesome. I love the cute "bless you". I love it.

  2. You couldn't have said it any better..."I have all this time with them, to really be a part of their life and involved, and I want to be proud of that when I am older"...I often say I want to keep my hand in the pot for as long as I can :)

    I have to say Jennifer, that I really admire all that you doing to raise awareness and money for needed research. I wish I could be as creative and as driven as you to do the same for CHD awareness/research. You are a remarkable woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister...and I am so glad that I have come to know you a little better.

  3. Thank you Corinne, but my days of busy I'm sure is nothing to your house with the 3 little ones ;) Whew! PS.. love the new pics.

    Thank you Shannon. You know, I have my family behind me with all that we do, and I can't take credit for it all ;) I think you do amazing with awareness... I have learned a lot from you and CHD, things I never knew before, thanks to you :)


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