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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hide 'em and Find 'em

I have heard the Hide 'em and Find 'em Easter eggs are back (already). Wasn't it just Christmas? Well... it's time to get ready for Easter, even though half my Christmas village still sits in the garage still not all put in their boxes, and packed away in storage. Sheesh we are slackin'.

These are the "talking" eggs that helps kids find their hiding spot. I have heard rave reviews from my friends who have VI children, and this will be our first year using them. Although they are not specifically for children who are visually impaired, it is helpful for them. I think these are great for even the little ones. Honestly, now that I know about them, I probably would have bought them for Gavin this year, regardless of his vision. They are too cute! I know there are some other versions out there, but right now they are at Target, and last year they sold out quick.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Someone mentioned these to me last year. Thank you for reminding me!


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