Monday, June 22, 2009

Square one

We were given high hopes on Friday that CCS (California Children Services) would be covering the costs that our insurance wouldn't be covering for Gavin's ERG. We were ecstatic. FINALLY a positive direction in getting all this taken care of.

That happy moment lasted the weekend.

We then talked to the person we spoke to on Friday's, supervisor. We were not approved. Medically, yes we were. Financially, no we were not. Now we are back to square one. The square we started back about 4 months ago. This has to be the most frustrating-not-making-sense-time in my life.


I'm glad I have this blog to vent, so I don't unload it all on my poor husband.

Square one. And even more confused and frustrated than ever.




  1. Sorry girlfriend it's not working out. But something will come thru. The Lord always provides in the most interesting and odd ways. Keep your head up. Huggs.

  2. Don't let this bring you down. As frustrating as it is, you owe yourself a pat on the back for all that you are doing for Gavin.


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