Saturday, June 13, 2009

VisionWalk 2009 update w/ pictures

Ok, so I'm a total lagger. I haven't posted anything about VisionWalk that took place last Sunday. Before the pictures, let me explain a little bit about this event.

It is the national signature fundraising event for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. They take place in different cities, nationwide. Cal State Fullerton was the destination for Orange County. I have been looking forward to this event for quite some time. The day we received the confirmation of our worry of Gavin, I was in a state of desperation. I've described this day before in previous posts, but I was frantic to find something. Something positive, something we can be a part of. I came upon the website for the FFB, and then read about this VisionWalk.

We jumped in head first.

This has been near and dear to my heart. It has offset the sadness for a little bit, and we were able to focus on something positive, full of hope.

Gavin's Groupies is our team name. We raised $8,775.00 in a few months (plus a few more checks of donations that need to be added in). We wore bright orange (I've told a few people we look like Home Depot employees. We had over 120 people on our team. We had a fun time, and I think a majority of us were inspired that day. We were in the top 5 teams to raise the most money, and we won for largest group.

It was nice to meet people I have been communicating with, but never met. I am finding more and more, positive people who come together for a common goal, is very inspiring. I'm glad I had my sunglasses on, my eyes were pretty misty throughout the day. It's impactful to see how many people who say they will join you, actually get up that morning, and make the drive to Fullerton to support a cause. It takes effort and planning, and on a weekend when it's much easier to stay home and relax, it's touching.

Thank you to everyone who came to support. We hope to see you next year.

Now... onto the pictures! Thank you Pam for some of these (if anyone else has pics they took, please email them to me. I didn't get much on my camera)

Group Shot!

Youngest of the "groupies"... still missing quite a few.

Yummy snacks

Bounce house for the little ones
Disc dog show. They're awesome!
Important part of the group, man's best friend.
A little warm-up to the Hokey Pokey dance.
Right hip in, put your right hip out...
....and we're off for our 5k walk. Landon and Austin leading the way.

My nephew and Landon. Two peas in a pod, you would think these two were brothers.

Gavin wiped out from the excitement

Family shot

My beautiful niece holding the sign of hope! With your help, we are a step closer to a cure.

Thank you all.. Already looking forward to next year.

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  1. We look awesome in all our orange. Gavin's Groupies rocked!!!!!
    Next year you will have do use your idea with the balloons.
    Is this only once a year I want to do it again.
    Let's travel to another city and do it!
    You Go Gavin :P


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