Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Father's Day (late than never, that is)

Yeah, I know. I'm late with this posting. I have to do a salute to my hubby for Father's Day, and shame on me for not doing it. Although, I don't feel too bad - this blog is only pretty much intended for Gavin only. It's not a general mommy blog with updates of both boys. I think that would only interest the grandparents... LOL! Maybe also a glimpse of me into our boring lives, ha!

Anyhow, this past Father's Day was a special one and emotional one for many reasons. Many of our family members weren't able to wish my grandpa and my uncle a Happy Father's Day. They were both dedicated fathers and both recently passed away a few months ago. This is our first year of anything without them. And for Troy, this past year with Gavin has been full of ups and downs, and he is and continues to be the rock in the family when my emotions get the best of me. This is his first Father's Day as a daddy of two. He adores his boys so much, and both of our goals as parents is to spend as much time with them each day as possible. These moments will soon be gone, and we both get it. We both understand, and that is what I love about our family dynamic. We would rather be with each other with the boys, as a unit, than out with friends, etc... ALTHOUGH, yes, I understand, we need to get out and we are working on it. I just would rather not be anywhere else in the world than with all three of my boys, everyday and every night. Period. Troy shares this value with me, and I get such a kick watching him as he parents and loves our children.

T, you are a wonderful father. The memories you are filling our children's lives with are the guiding forces that will help shape them into men one day. Thank you for your dedication to me and this household. We love you!

Father's Day was spent at the shooting range. It was a blast!! My childhood memories are filled with weekends with my dad and sister off-roading near Lytle Creek and shooting my dads shotgun and then going home to his home-made-i-think-it-was-safe sort of refill shotgun casing manchine thingy. Did you get that? Yeah, we took the bullets home and refilled them with gun powder, and the whole bit and we repackaged them and got them ready for the next weekend. It was so much fun. Assuming they were safe, and our necks are a little red? Possibly, my dad is the Irish in the bunch and gots a little hick in 'em. hehe JK

The first pic is Troy, my dad and Landon. The rival continues every year with the Angels vs. Dodgers feud in our family. You will see my dad trying to cover up the Dodgers on Landon's shirt. The rest speak for themselves. The picture of Gavin with Troy are on my other memory card, so I will upload those as soon as I can. This is my dad's side of the family.

Happy Father's Day to all you dedicated fathers. We appreciate you! Happy Father's Day dad, I promise, next year will be a much better year for you. I love you.


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  2. Being at the shooting range and seeing all the orange targets in the grass brought back many memories when we used to try to find the ones that weren't broken. We should do that again, I liked seeing everyone together. So emotional, yet so much fun!


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