Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am going to pose a question, and would like your input. There is a reason I am asking this question, really just not being nosey. Please post your response in the comments section, or in an email to me.

I also posted this question on Facebook, on Gavin's Groupies group page. So if you've taken part there, no need to do it again. I will post my answer below, as well as my husbands and my 5 year old son. If you'd like to post your children's answers too that WOULD BE WONDERFUL!

I have things running through my head to try to raise money for the Foundation, and so these answers have to do with that. Your name will not be used.


Besides the obvious answer of your children, spouse, people in general... What are your top 3 things you think you will miss the MOST if your sight was taken from you tomorrow?

Our answers:

Me -
1. My son's preschool artwork
2. A rainy day w/ big scattered billowy clouds - but the sun peeking over the top and the sun rays shining down.
3. A running creek in the mountains with tons of foresty trees. (Yes, foresty). ;) With a gorgeous sunset in the background.

Hubby -
1. Watching sports
2. Driving and observing everything along the way
3. Looking at pictures

Landon (5 years old) -
1. "Seeing everything at Disneyland"
2. "Watching sports" (he is his daddy's son)
3. "Seeing my RAZOR scooter in the garage, because it's my favorite thing to do. Go outside and ride my scooter."

It's difficult, because after I answered, there were other things that came to mind. I appreciate your participation. No need to even use your name, and once again you can also just email me if you'd like. (jstevens04ATgmailDOTcom)



  1. This is HARD!!!!!

    1) The white of the surf as it crashes on the sand.

    2) My doggie (or does that count as a person)

    3) Staring at the moon and the stars on a clear night during the 2 months I'm in the mountains each year.

    P.S. you need to tell me what your doing with this i need to know!
    ~ Nicci

  2. Such a cool question!
    1. Seeing my hubby and babies faces.
    2. Enjoying the site of the sun setting across the sky on a cloudy day by the beach.
    3. It would be hard not to see what others are looking at. I'm all visual. That's how I learn, I scrap, I love taking pictures...I'm all about art and if my sight was taken from me, it would be hard to not be able to live with that.

  3. 1. My wedding ring
    2. Babies feet
    3. The ocean

  4. Ooops that Anonymous was me, Jenny. Sorry!

  5. Me:
    1. My son's smile.
    2. The stars on a clear night.
    3. My grandma's house when it's decorated for Christmas.

    1. Watching my loved ones grow.
    2. The blue colored sky.
    3. The waves of the ocean.

    1. Watching t.v.
    2. My best friends.
    3. Looking at my video games.

  6. Mary:
    1. my daughter's sport and school activities
    2. sky lit up by lightning
    3. old home videos of family

    1. clouds
    2. kids smiling faces
    3. colors of sky during sunset

    1. animals
    2. drawings she did
    3. soccer

  7. for me
    1. watching dillon play baseball
    2. watching dillon play in he water at the river (he just recently started doing flips off the back of the boat)
    3. and after reading jenn's last blog, fireworks on the 4th of July

    dillon (6 yrs old)
    1. first he said, me, bella (his dog), honey (my dog), then I had to explain to him something other than people
    2. TV (he was watching tv when I asked him)
    3. food
    4. he said "I wouldn't be able to play baseball"


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