Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vestibular Stimulation (reprinted article on

I was happy to have this blog post that I wrote, reprinted on two websites and as an article in a magazine and in Future Reflections on

Vestibular stimulation was a constant (and still is somewhat) struggle for Gavin.  Trying to get him enough vestibular stimulation, and doing in the form of play was always tricky.  I wrote my ideas in a blog post, to hopefully help others.  Here is the article on NFB’s website.  I’m hoping to get it soon on the Future Reflections mailing as well.

These always worked for us.  It was at a time when Gavin wasn’t moving much.  So it’s great for right around 1 year age range.  Hope it helps you if you are looking for some resources.  Make it fun for your child, with lots of positive reinforcement!

Thank you NFB, Future Reflections, and for also reprinting and sharing this information!

This is the original post on my blog from last year.

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