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Thursday, March 10, 2011

BCLC Series - Climbing up the stairs

Sorry for the lack of updated videos from Blind Children’s Learning Center.  I am trying to post what I can, and actually have a few half-written posts that have not been published yet.  Those will be up soon.  I do appreciate how these videos are helping others out there – I promise to return the emails!  The whole purpose of this blog, when I started it, was to share Gavin’s story, but also help others learning about our unique story.  I’m glad to be able to not just help one person, but many!

We are continuing to work with Gavin on getting him confident moving in space.  This is a general feat, but it is something that will link over into everything he does.  If he feel comfortable and confident, taking on new tasks or entering an unfamiliar area will allow him to feel better about himself when he explores.

We are also continuing to work on object permanence with him.  I truly think he gets it, but some times I wonder.  He doesn’t tend to go after things.  Yes, we totally understand this may be due to the blindness, but even in eating situations, I am still seeing that he is lacking in this area.  A good area where we are working with this, is him playing catch with his brother with a basketball.  I have to tell Landon to let him find it… and some times he does.  It’s a fun interaction game between the boys, and it’s teaching Gavin at the same time.

Back to climbing up the stairs.  We have stairs at home.  The majority of our living is downstairs.  Upstairs are the 3 bedrooms and the 2 bathrooms.  Every chance we get, when we go upstairs, I try to not just scoop up Gavin and carry him (which is sometimes much easier).  We are trying to get him to walk up the stairs by holding one hand on to mine, and the other he trails the wall.  He does it 50% of the time.  We are not quite to the point of where he crawls up the stairs.  He has zero interest.  He actually will stand at the bottom of the stairs and say “I want to go up the stairs”.  He will wait until someone comes and guides him.

At therapy the other day, we worked on the stairs, and he did it.  There was some hesitation, and at the top of the stairs was a toy – so he was enticed.  But nonetheless, he DID IT!  I love these moments of challenging times for him, and a sense of accomplishment he must feel when he is pushed out of his comfort zone, but yet, crosses a hurdle!  He did it all by himself.  I’m a proud momma.

Gavin crawling up the stairs at Blind Children’s Learning Center


  1. You can sense the hesitation through the video. Such a minor thing for those who are sighted. I can see how stairs would be scary to the little guy. My heartfelt prayers for your continued success at BCLC. Thank you for sharing these! = )


  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. I saw your article! Congrats!


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