Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Know

This was written for me by my beautiful cousin, Mary. It took me a few reads to get through its entirety. It sums up exactly how I hope Gavin feels about me. Thank you Mary! I love it, and can't wait to write it up in braille and hang in his room.

I Know

Never think I don’t understand how beautiful you are
Sight is not important to recognize you
I am the one who knows you best by far

I know you are elated with joy
When I hear that melodic sound in your laugh
To hear you makes me the luckiest boy

When I taste the salt from your tears
I know you are scared and confused
But I will try to kiss away your fears

The wonderful scent of your perfume
Fills the air and smells so sweet
I know you have entered the room

I know you best by feeling and touch
Memorizing every curve of your face
You are the one I love so much

I am the blessed and grateful one
To have you to guide me along
God was right to choose me as your son.


  1. OH MY! That was absolutely beautiful. Made me cry as I'm sure it made you.

  2. holy crap!! mary wrote that? or did she get it from someone else?? if she did i never knew she had that in her!! that is perfectly written! so awesome!!


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