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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We can all see...

This picture isn't out of the ordinary, however my 5 year old surprises me everyday with his uncanny, mature honesty. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, Landon was on his way out to soccer practice with daddy. Me and Gavin were staying home, Gavin was having a bad eye-pressing day, and was going to stay to put him in the bath to hopefully get him to stop.

Landon walked over to Gavin, and I eavesdropped on the coversation. I'm so glad I did...

Landon: "Bye buddy, I'm going to go to soccer practice. I wish you were going, but that's ok, I'm going to show you how to play and be the bestest soccer player. Remember I love you (he gets louder) SOOOOOO much (then whispers again) I would give you one of my eyes so you can see me play soccer. Ok Buddy!"

Oh hello tears! I'm so lucky to have them both, and they're so lucky to have each other. Landon's been asking again if Gavin's ever going to see. I told him one day he will, that's why we are dedicating ourself to the Foundation and everything we do. He said, "Why because if we do good, they'll give him new eyes?"
(This time, we were driving and I was taken back for a second.)

"No honey (deep breath), but the scientists are working really hard to find treatment to fix his eyes."

"That's ok mom, he sees me. He sees me with his hands, and people who can't hear very good hear with their eyes. Right mom?"

"Yes, honey. We can all see."

Landon glances to Gavin and grabs his hand as he's sleeping in his car seat.

I picked my heart up off the floor, and we continued on with our drive.

I love these moments.

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  1. what an incredible little man! my heart goes out to you and your family i have enjoyed reading your posts. what an inspiration. we have rp in our family line and words cannot be met with the heaviness i heart for my little niece. my prayers to you and the sorrow you experience with your little boy. i know it is a sadness that cannot be explained. keep your spirits up all my love.
    Barb and the Mead Family


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