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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Empty bucket equals happy monkey!

Two posts in one day... I should keep going and FINALLY get the golf pics up from the tourney -- I have been seriously slacking.

Part of Gavin's therapy is to take items one at a time, out of a bucket. We need to work on him putting them back in, but as you can see.... once it's empty - it gets tossed. I love his smile when he knows his bucket is empty. The innocence is so cute.

He's into tossing things left and right. I need to videotape me opening the car door, he tosses his toys, and when I open the door, they come charging at me and I look like a complete fool in front of everyone trying to catch these darn toys. I look like a drunk juggler. Of course this happens when I'm picking Landon up from Kindergarten, and there's a line of parents, already irritated there's nowhere to park, and then there's the drunk juggler taking her sweet ol' time. The trick is to make sure to grab them before they hit the curb and end up in the gutter. We come home with at least one gutter toy a day that gets tossed into the bathtub. Oh the joys!

Apparently talking in high decibels when I get excited counting bucket items is something that is just too tempting too resist.

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  1. Wow, he is so smart! I love the end he gets so excited when all the toys are gone. So cute!


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