Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy times

Life is hectic! Is that an understatement?

With obligations every weekend, baseball, and all the other life details that consume our everyday, I will try to do a blog post this week, but no guarantees. Exploring a new business venture, and having to put quality time into the book - makes blogging with real content, difficult. It comes after family time, and even that can be scarce these days with our busy life.

A post will happen, just not sure when. I'm here, just super duper busy.

A really quick thank you to those who replied and emailed me about the "25% chance" blog post. It's interesting, and I agree with all of you on all different levels! Since you were all so honest, I need to be as well. This is something that has made us think about more children. We always wanted 4 (for sure 3). Being a carrier for LCA had made us rethink everything, especially because we don't know if Gavins gene provides the chance for kidney problems/failure.

We are still holding the baby card in our hand. Just not sure how it's going to be played. Many of you know we lost our last pregnancy, and it's been a year, and still as many of you know, it's difficult. Adding LCA to the mix has made it even moreso. Both my kids fulfill my life, but as with many of you expressed who are LCA parents, it's difficult to see things your child has to endure. Making sure the special needs are met, is time consuming as well. I would never want one child to feel as if they are not getting as much attention. The list goes on, and it's so nice to know how many families/mothers I can relate to!

I just rambled. I'm also doing this post from my phone. Sorry for any auto corrections. Lol

Ok, back to the craziness. First up, to unpack from our little weekend spring trip to San Clemente. How can 4 people have so much laundry? I vote on disposable clothing.

PS - Anyone want to vote on something else? I deserve mom of the century! Landon has yet to have his laser tag party for his birthday. His birthday was in March. Let's hope we get it in before Christmas.

Vote now.


  1. I voted! But for BESTEST mommy ever!!
    Give credit where it is due, your life is devoted to your children, and yes things WILL slip. Your kids are so happy!

  2. Business venture? Do tell!


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