Monday, May 9, 2011

A baseball reunion


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One of my favorite things to witness, as a mom/wife, is watching your husband coach your little boy in baseball.  This is Landon’s 3rd baseball year, and the delight that Troy gets coaching his son’s team, makes me proud. 

Shhh… I’m actually more excited that our team are the Yankees.

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Yes, it gets very hectic during baseball season.  Practice 2-3 times a week, and games every Monday and Saturday, do make for some even crazier weeks.  Add to the mix, that I’m the team mom, and there are a few things that I need to make meetings for, etc.


All in all, being at the baseball field, has been one of my favorite moments as a mom!  So much happiness, and the kids give it their all, it’s definitely our happy place.


One of the hard things though, is little Gavin.  Gavin and his dad are BFF’s.  I don’t exist when Troy is in the room (sometimes the break is nice – LOL).  Anyhow, Gavin is with me all day, and when he hears that garage door open, he is so excited.  He knows daddy is home! 

The thing with the schedule is, usually Troy rushes home from work, for about 5 minutes to quickly change into his baseball clothes, pick up the equipment, and he’s out the door.  This happens 4-5 times a week with practice/games/meetings.  Gavin is at an age, where he doesn’t understand.  His excitement when he hears Troy come home, quickly changes when he knows his dad is gone for a few hours. 


Games are just the same.  He hears Troy on the baseball field, but yet, he doesn’t understand why his dad is not coming over to rescue get him!  I can distract him for so long with his music, food, and his stroller, that he loves to knock over.  Thank goodness there are always grandma’s there to save me from the Hulk help me.  Gavin’s little two year old fits are a sight to be seen!  They can come in full force at the baseball game, and I completely understand why.  He can’t see that his daddy is on the field, and involved in the game.  He just hears him, and doesn’t understand that daddy can’t come play.

Why doesn’t daddy want me?  I hear him?

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This particular game, Troy went straight to the field after a meeting at work.  He was late, and didn’t see the boys at all, before the game.  Gavin was ecstatic to finally hear daddy, and saddened at the same time. 

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So I walked Gavin over to the fence, and they held hands during the duration of the game.  The BFF’s were finally reunited, after not being in each other’s company the whole 12 hours of the day. 

Gavin ultimately wanted to rip down the fence, it was a long couple of innings, but he finally ended up getting his daddy.  And all was right in the world.

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  1. This last picture is the sweetest ever!! Love it - you totally have to frame that one.


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