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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Who does not thank for little, will not thank for much. ~ Proverb

I feel like my life has been split into two different lives. 

Before Gavin was born, and after Gavin was born. 

It’s almost like before kids.  Everyone has their “before kids” life, and then of course, when the babies come along, life changes.  As it should.

The same concept holds true for Gavin.  I have, in this blog, written about those feelings, about feeling changed.  I think it is different for me, because Gavin is my second child.  I went through all the first experiences of being a mother, a changed person, with Landon.  When Gavin came along, I felt the same love and amazement that I did when I held my first baby, for the very first time.  I also felt like the “seasoned parent” as I’m sure some of us do, with our second, third or tenth child.  Gavin came into our lives, when we were already parents.  Then the reality hits, that you are not seasoned at anything!

When we found out about Gavin’s diagnosis, we wanted to challenge ourselves, and LCA.  We took on the attitude, that we own Gavin’s blindness.  If we as a family, internally set ourselves with the attitude that we are “ok”, then we will be.  Bottom line.  Yes, we can feel all the emotions that still bring us to tears, but taking ownership of what his diagnosis was, has greatly impacted our outward attitude.  To me, it has helped us with the process of becoming an activist family with LCA.

Before Gavin was born, I thought I understood compassion, kindness and genuineness.  I thought I was compassionate, kind and genuine, and held these values of importance within my own family.

Before Gavin, I thought I was an appreciative, humble person.  I tried to help others, volunteer in various causes – and even give monetarily.  Not much, but I felt as if I was doing my part. 

Before Gavin, I thought I knew what it meant to be a loyal friend, a solid family member, and a dedicated citizen.  I felt like I was there when people needed me, and listened when they needed me, and gave of myself… when they needed me.

Since Gavin has been born, I have learned so much more about kindness and compassion, and it exceeds more than what I thought was possible.  My family is part of the most incredible, truly compassionate individuals and community that I could ask for, and honestly it’s hard to truly take in at times! 

Now, I get it.

I am now fully understanding the power of kindness.  I am now setting my bar higher for what I do for others.  I am changing my personal goals of becoming a better person.

The past few weeks have been overwhelming to say the very least.  When people offer their help and support, I become a sissy!  I should be used to it by now.  But there are so many things happening to support our foundation, and support the cause for helping to find a cure for LCA.  I can barely keep up, we are thinking we need to lease an office for the foundation, I have so many post it notes of “to do’s” it’s unreal.  We are exceeding our pace, by far, in which we set for our goals – and all within a few months.  I am just trying to keep up, I don’t know where to start!  I am staying with my word of not talking much about the foundation here on Gavin’s blog, because we have a website, and you can keep up with our news there!  But I do have to leave with a few things that are going on, and maybe you would like to be a part of.

  • We became the beneficiary of a golf tournament (an extravagant tournament)
  • We became the beneficiary of the Irvine Lake Mud Run for the entire year 2011
  • We will be riding bikes ACROSS THE UNITED STATES in 2012
  • We had 3 concurrent fundraisers this past weekend

… and I will stop with that.  It just goes to show how much people are willing to support a local cause.  There are many fundraising events in the works, that others are doing for us (and that’s just what I know of).  There are a few other “beneficiary” possibilities that may also happen. Now maybe you can see why I could not get through 2 interviews and one speech the past week, without bawling like a baby (I’m glad Troy is stronger, so I can pass the mic to him).  I am very emotional.  This is all for Gavin, and all the other LCA families – and I am deeply touched.

Stay tuned for yet another website for the Tour de Sight in 2012.  We are working on it now, and are also working on our bike route.  We want to raise $100,000, and cannot do it without your help.  Keep posted on Gavin’s Foundation page for all upcoming info.  I will not be sharing too much about it here, but also sign up for our newsletter. I also have media kits I can mail out to you, that includes info about our Tour de Sight 2012.  You can email me at jen(at)gavinsfoundation(dot)(org) to request a media packet.  This would be an incredible marketing opportunity for your business, as we hope to have national coverage (working with NBC), as well as a media company with us to document the whole tour.

Gratitude.  A simple, yet, very meaningful word.  It’s something I am learning more about, through our Gavin’s Groupies.  I am a little loss for words, with what I feel in my heart.  I just know that Gavin’s Groupies are shaping me, and molding me to push harder and work better.  You are incredibly awesome, and I love the family that we have all become.

It is because of you, and your willingness to help Gavin, and the LCA cause, that is going to find us a cure.  I have a heart full of gratitude for Gavin’s Groupies, and I could not ask to be a part of a more dynamic group of people!

October 2010 055

Thank you all, for loving my son!

PS – We will be needing about 600 people at an event next April!  If you have wanted to volunteer, (or volunteer again), we will be needing you :)  Will keep you all posted.


  1. Your strength and the support you have is amazing. I honestly see something about Gavin's Groupies s o m e w h e r e. Everywhere I am, it seems. You should be proud. :')
    Love Meghan

  2. what comes to mind. And Thank you for letting Lil SUPER G be a part of our lives and teaching us GATITUDE!!

  3. I cannot believe all you guys have accomplished! I'm interested in helping with sponsorships and volunteering! I have sent an email to the foundation address. I have a group I would like to get involved.

    Please contact me of you do not receive the email!
    Many thanks


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