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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BCLC series – bilateral coordination

Sorry for the lack of posts in the BCLC series.  I have video and photos to share, just can’t find the time!  Story of my life!

I remember when we introduced Gavin to the peanut roll, or even the exercise ball, he wanted nothing – I mean nothing to do with it.  He didn’t want to hear it, hear about it, or touch it.

Almost 9 months later, he is playing with it.  Yes, it’s been a long haul with this, but the best part is, he is using BOTH his hands to hit the ball.  He has always used one hand, and the other hand was not in sync.  He would alternate, and use the other hand, then the other was not in sync.  We tried everything to get him to use both hands simultaneously.  We are finally getting there! 

Many of his toys encourage two hand manipulation, and we are finally there.  He is starting to use both hands in mid-line, and learning to work with them together.  Bilateral coordination is huge, and in the video you can see him using both his hands simultaneously to “pat the drum (ball)”.  I got it on video!  He refused here and there, but his therapist is so great, she helped to push him through.

Today was also another first.  He walked down a 3 foot ramp, while holding one hand on to the wall, and the other holding his therapists hand.  It took some convincing, and a very scared look on his face (I just wanted to snatch him and hug him).  But I didn’t, I kept the tears in because I knew how scared he was.  His face was terrified, but he didn’t cry – just whimpered.  He was unaware if he was safe, or if he would fall – but encouraging words from his therapists, and mommy, led him down the ramp!

I was so proud of him.  Even more important, he was proud of himself, which is a direct reflection of his self confidence, and him making progress to one day walking tall in this sighted world!


  1. I love these videos, Jenn!

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