Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Faker and Peaches

Ok, from Amazing Grace extreme to this! Here is the "video". Please keep in mind, we did not teach this to him. Yes, laughing eggs him on (how can you not laugh), but no harsh comments please! It's in innocent fun, but is so funny - and you asked for it!

This started with Gavin pretending to cough when he wants attention. It's been a joke in the household for over a year, and Troy or I would always say "you're such a faker!", or "you're so dramatic like your brother!". Well.... now, this is what he says back to us.

DISCLAIMER: Gavin says bad words while trying to say something else. Don't listen if you are easily offended! You've been warned, so just skip down to hear the innocent Amazing Grace. :)


  1. Oh that is tooooo cute!!! If anyone is offended by that, I'm not sure why. It's not like you're telling him to say the actual word!
    My cousin's little girl got a dump truck as a gift, and she called it her "dumb f___". It was really funny when she said her daddy got it for her. With her broken sentences, it sounded like she was saying "Daddy a dumb f____"!
    Ahh, from the mouths of babes!! :)

  2. Thank you for a much needed belly laugh!!!

    Can I share?
    Margaret (found you from the top vision blogs link)

  3. OMG Jen that is great ...so funny!!!

  4. Your husband in the backgroud laughing to himself, and then the shot of Gavin cracking himself up is my favorite!!

  5. I absolutely love this! Hahaha! Just the fact that he can talk alone is a blessing! We would give anything to hear Anthony say something :) therefore offensive, I think not!

  6. I am laughing so hard, my dog is staring at me!
    Thanks for sharing! What a funny little man you have!!

  7. OMG...Most adorable video ever! Loved catching up on Gavin! So many things are going on besides the foundation, which is incredible. Congrats on your blog award! You deserve it. And on being mommy to such a big 2-year old monkey and big brother. LOVED the amazing grace singing, and so happy that Gavin is getting on his feet and walking. We're on that long road of working and waiting on it. We have a ways to go! So happy for all of the good things you've got going!


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