Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Hulk


If anyone sees any signs of The Hulk terrorizing their neighborhood.  Make sure to call me, so I know where to pick up my son!

Ok, so all kidding aside… the "Hulk Stage” is here.  It’s been here, but is now in full force.  Troy and I never imagined a more stubborn, determined, sharp, fireball of a child, until Gavin came along! We thought Landon was determined… WOW.  I am grateful for this personality trait in my kids, as it will (hopefully) help to keep them on the right course.  Of course, from a parenting standpoint, especially during the 2-3 year stage… it makes it well… interesting!

Landon at this age, ON Christmas Eve, AS we were getting ready to leave to celebrate Christmas with family – dislocated his elbow.  How you ask?  Troy went to change his diaper, Hulk emerged, and thought he was an alligator and rolled over so quickly, he rolled over his own arm with such force, he dislocated it!

Thank goodness we have not had any dislocations thus far.

We have had issues with all the essential necessities of grooming.  Brushing teeth, hair, diaper changing… all the goodies that you deal with on a constant basis!  We also have Hulk emerge when his favorite song is over, when he gets in trouble for scratching his brother, and that typical boy behavior.  I’m glad Landon has prepped me for this stage.  Most of this is typical behavior from a strong willed child, who is 2.  To add, with Gavin’s blindness, I feel there is an added step with everything.  Such as describing.  This is such a fun stage… I love watching things connect.  I can see it in his face, as he hears things, and makes that connection.  It’s so funny, now looking back on Landon (who will soon be 7), and getting glimpses of Landon at Gavin’s age.  They are mirrored images of each others behavior.  It’s an odd way in which it emerges too.  Thus “The Hulk” as Troy has lovingly coined it!

I hope to have more time to update, and get you up to speed with Gavin over the past month or so.  We are waiting on a few things that I will elaborate more on later, his genetic tests, new glasses, new toys, new funny sayings, and the endless new songs he has acquired.  He is the most interesting, lovable little man. 

Until Hulk arrives.  Even then, Troy and I just laugh.  What else to do!


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  1. The Hulk! I luv that!!!

    He's the cutest little monster I have ever seen!
    Happy New Year to ur family ;)

    Xx Nik Oo


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