Monday, August 16, 2010

LCA TEAM fundraising website

At the LCA Conference, Jennifer Pletcher and I (her daughter Finley, has LCA) were chatting about fundraising. Jennifer and I have been communicating back and forth the past year or so, I'm still bummed they live so far from us. We think a lot alike, and have the same goals with fundraising, etc. I decided to form a website to share our fundraising ideas that we have done in the past, that has worked for us. I also hope others can share their LCA fundraising ideas with us, so that we can post the ideas on the website. I am always looking for a fun, different way to draw funds in.

My family and I find a balance to be able to raise money through fundraising AND also focus on Gavin, and give him the best that is possible. Our fundraising events have pulled so many people together, our family has a blast volunteering, and helping. It's encouraging to know you are trying to just do something to help the situation, which has caused my son to be blind.

Please feel free to share and email us feedback, or even send us your personal story, so we can share it. EVERY DOLLAR counts! It doesn't matter who you are rasing money for FFB, FFR, or whatever you choose. We just want to hear about it. :)

Please beware, I am still working on the "prettiness" of the site. I haven't had much time to get it looking the way I want it to, but the content is there.

LCA TEAM Fundraising

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