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Friday, July 23, 2010

1st Annual Gavin's Golf Classic

PHEW! Is about what describes this house. It's a good craziness, but a crazy none the less. We are marching full steam ahead with our foundation. I am thrilled to be able to do fundraising, and know this money will directly go towards a great cause. Money is needed to continue the research for a cure for Gavin, and for so many others. Let it be known (again)... I honestly feel Gavin is part of a much bigger picture. If it is his plan to live without vision (and a full, happy life at that), we have accepted that. But... BUT I will NOT let this disease go unknown. It is such a rare disease, and we want to raise awareness! Through Gavin we will raise awareness and money to help others who live with Leber's, and fight for their sight.

With that being said, I introduce you to our first annual Gavin's Golf Classic. This is our second golf tournament, but our very first one for the Foundation! I am ecstatic! A golf tournament takes time, money, volunteers and more time. It is time consuming, we have our wonderful golf committee that we formed a few weeks ago. They are on their way to recruiting golfers, sponsors and raffle prizes!

Following our golf tournament, we will have a dinner in the banquet hall of the golf course. It is there we will discuss a little about the foundation, have an awards ceremony, eat and drink, and also have a spectacular raffle drawing. We will sell tickets for the drawing the day of the event, and we have some incredible gifts to give away! If you are a non-golfer, come to our dinner/raffle the evening of the tournament. We had a lot of people join us for that last year, and it is SO much fun!

September 10 is THE BIG DAY! We are having an afternoon scramble, and dinner will be following. All money rasied is going towards the Gavin R Stevens Foundation.

Golfing for a great cause, can't get much better!

So if you're in the area and would like to golf, please do so! If you own a business and would like to donate a raffle gift item OR interested in a tee sponsorship (they start at $100) and you get an 18x24 sign at the tee, as well as advertisement in our dinner journal. We also got a lot of these last year. Some people lived out of the city, but wanted to contribute, you can provide us with a gift card that will be part of the raffle prizes. A lot of people did restaurants, supermarkets, gift cards. It worked out so well... so there are many ways to get involved, should you choose to do so.

You can read up about it here. Mind you, our foundation website is under construction. I'm hoping to get the content up this weekend. I will let you know when you can come back and take a peek when it's all up!

You can also see pics from last year.

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  1. You are amazing! And a total inspiration. I am so glad I found your blog. After seeing what you did, it made me realize that we needed to fight just like you did. And I am so glad we did and continue to do.

    I can't wait to pick your brain about the foundation!


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