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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter (yeah a little late)

I am choosing to ignore my laundry pile that looks like Mt. Kilimanjaro and the fact that my feet stick to the tile in the kitchen to get some posts done. It's been a very crazy, hectic, can’t-catch-your-breath kind of few weeks. It’s a good busy, but adrenaline surged that’s for sure. I have never run on adrenaline for so long. It finally hit me the day after my speech (I will expand on this high blood pressure moment later), I was in bed by 7 with no dinner and at that point didn't care if I made dinner for the rest of my house (mom of the year for sure). haha!

Here are some pics from Easter. I wanted to make sure I got these up because these were the first time we had used the "Hide 'em and Find 'em Eggs". Gavin still is at little young, but I remember last Easter, all the little kiddies were running around hunting for eggs and candy, and I glanced down at Gavin wondering what we were going to do so he can have fun too in the years to come. It was one of those sad moments that just pops up without warning, but we are so grateful we have found the talking eggs. They are great for all little ones! I highly recommend them for visually impaired children, and for sighted children. All the kids had fun with them.

Easter morning, he found his basket and all he cared about was the cellophane and grass.

Sitting at church like a big boy, singing.

And the egg hunt starts! Grabbing his basket to load it up.

We took him to the general vicinity of the eggs, and he found them on his own. I was so proud!!

Inside the eggs, you can also hide goodies. He opened his and is happily munching on his fishies.

Group photo with all the cousins (well, most of them).

Another group photo with Grandma Alice.
... and last but not least, my two handsome boys. Hope everyone had a blessed Easter - we did!

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  1. so cute... isn't that funny that all they want is the cellophane and grass!!


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